Airbnb Kitchen Essentials – An Ultimate Kitchen Guide

Having a place to cook while on holidays is hard to find. Most of the time it costs extra and is missing kitchen essentials. That alone is a major reason more travelers are booking Airbnb rather than a hotel. So what do you stock? How many utensils do you provide? What brand of pots and pans?

Our very basic Airbnb kitchen essentials include a cooking device, sink, drying rack, washcloth, sponge, soap, pot, pan, sharp knife, cutting board, measuring cup, cups, dishes, utensils, and a fridge with a freezer.

Obviously, you can provide more and factors such as kitchen size, if you provide appliances and layout will affect how you stock your kitchen. In this article we will discuss all options and put together a checklist.

How To Stock An Airbnb Kitchen?

Something Hot

Every Airbnb will be different, but no matter what, guests expect the ability to cook if your listing is described with a kitchen. As long as your place allows guests to cook food its fines.

This can be a full oven, stove top, hotplate, toaster oven or any other form. We write a note on all our wall plugin devices asking guests to unplug after use.

A great alternative for fire safety is by using a hotplate instead of a gas or electric stove. It also increases the value of your listing if you don’t already have a kitchen. Some Airbnb hosts prefer this.

If you do choose a hot plate, pick one that’s 1500W or greater. This way, your guests will have enough power to heat up the whole cooking pot.

Remember to remind your guests to unplug or turn off all devices after use.

Something Sharp

There is nothing worse than cutting food with a dull knife. Plus, you will surely hear about it in your reviews. A dull knife is one of the biggest mistakes Airbnb hosts make in a kitchen. Upgrade or sharpen your old knives.

A basic setup is providing a large chefs knife and a paring knife. Together your guests can prepare any meal easily.

A great way to save counter space is by using a magnetic strip that attaches to your kitchen’s backsplash. The strip looks and feels organized.

Over-time when you start making money upgrade to a full block set that includes scissors and a sharpener. Choose a block set that keeps everything upright to save counter space.

If you choose to place your knives in a drawer, adding sheaths to them will prevent them from bouncing around and becoming dull.

Large Enough Cutting Board

Providing a cutting board prevents knife damage on your counters. Trust us, we have learned the hard way.

One of our tricks is to use an upright organizer for our cutting boards and pans. This works best if you have cupboard but on the countertop is fine as well.

For most Airbnb listings a medium 15″ * 10″ cutting board works perfectly. We recommend a grooved cutting board for falling ingredients or water.

If kitchen essentials aren’t what you are looking for you, then check out our living room essentials, bedroom essentials, and bathroom essentials.

A Place To Eat & Drink

How many guests does your Airbnb sleep? At the bare minimum, you should provide enough plates, bowls, cups, and mugs for every guest to dine at the same time.

For 3-4 weeks or longer guest stays provide 4 sets of dinnerware per guest.

For a visually appealing look, keep all dinnerware matching and typically we stay away from light-colored sets since damage and stains are more noticeable to your guests.

Our budget sensitive tip is to use thrift stores for your dinnerware and cutlery shopping. Thrift stores in Canada are where people donate unwanted items and the store resells for cheap.

Ways To Eat

Under the same concept as dinnerware, a decent cutlery set can be second hand with a thrift store. Provide at least 2 knives, forks, and spoons per guest.

None Stick Cooking

Cast iron skillets are naturally non-stick surfaces and can go safely from stove top into the oven, where a cooking pan is perfect for the morning breakfast.

We found a 12″ cooking pan or cast iron skillet is perfect for most Airbnb kitchens. Whether big or small any listing could find a place to store them.

We recommend providing one of each so your guests have the option to cook two different meals at once. Plus, each pan has a different use.

Stuff Too Clean

Even if your Airbnb kitchen has a dishwasher you need to provide dishcloths, sponges, and soap. Not all guests like using a dishwasher, some clean by hand.

Our budget-friendly tip is to buy dishcloths, soap and no name sponges in bulk. Always have a few extras of everything around in case guests run out.

We have had a few incidents where guests have requested none scented soaps due to allergies. This comes with soaps and even laundry detergent.

Oven Mitts & Hot Pads

You do not necessarily need to have a conventional oven in your Airbnb; a hot plate or toaster is a healthy alternative.

Whatever you choose, supply oven mitts and hot pads which you can tuck together under the sink or in a drawer.

Pot For The Stove

Big or small, a pot is essential for your Airbnb kitchen. A single handle pot or a double handled pot is your choice and depends on the storage space you have available. Our rule is to stock a pot large enough to cook a box of pasta.

Mixing Bowl & Measuring Cup

Have you ever tried cooking with just one measuring cup? It is impossible! A good trick is to get stackable mixing bowls and measuring cups that will help you stay organized and save space.

If your guests do choose to cook, they will probably be using two mixing bowls at once. Have a few different sized mixing bowls for your Airbnb guests.

Utensils & Bottle/Wine Openers

A basic utensils set is all you need. Also supply all your guests with a bottle/wine opener and manual can opener separately.

Trash Can

You will want a trash can big enough to hold up to – 4 nights of trash and a lid that seals without the smell. A trick of ours is leaving extra garbage bags at the bottom of the trash can and do not forget to tell your guests where the trash/recycle can be thrown out.

Broom, Dustpan, All Purpose Cleaning Product

When we first started our Airbnb we forgot to supply a broom and dustpan which led to a bad review. As upsetting as it was the guest was right.

Even if your guest only stays for a few nights, they may still want to live in a well-maintained environment. You should leave them at the very least a broom, dustpan, and an all-purpose cleaner.

Fridge & Freezer

Every guest loves seeing a clean and cold fridge on arrival, but unless you are planning to host for a full month; I wouldn’t go any bigger than a 3.2 cu ft refrigerator. Make sure you have a separate built-in freezer for frozen goods and a little secret of ours is to leave a  water bottle and or a beer waiting in the fridge for your guest’s check-in. It may be a small gesture but first impressions go a long way with reviews.

What Are Your Additional Airbnb Kitchen Essentials?

Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like coffee in the mornings? Studies have shown Airbnb guests are not biased with a potted coffee maker or a Keurig machine. For variety, size, and convenience, if you choose to supply coffee we recommend a Keurig with a variety of k-cups in a carousel. Try to have 4 different types of coffee/tea and to go one step further by setting out sugar, cream, and honey.

Pan For The Oven

Whether your guests are staying for work or vacationing will change what kind of cooking they do. After a long day at work, they may just want to cook a frozen pizza or if your guests are on vacation, more time is provided and they can cook a more complex recipe. We recommend providing a single pizza pan and a cake pan.

Wine Glasses

Not all your guests will drink alcohol but giving them the option for that special event won’t go unnoticed.

Salt and Pepper

Two essential cooking ingredient to us is salt and pepper. We love it with pasta and doesn’t cost that much. If your guests stay for a long duration, chances are they will leave smaller ingredients like salt and pepper behind. Re-use these items to save money, but definitely inspect what is left behind.

Paper Towels

Most of your guests would rather use a paper towel to clean up a spill than dishcloths since they are disposable.

Airbnb kitchen essentials

What Are Our Airbnb Kitchen Secrets?

Brita Water Jug

Not every Airbnb guest likes drinking out of the faucets and water coolers can take up the room you do not have. Our trick is to put a Brita water jug in the fridge, which filters the tap water and most of your guests will have heard about it. Remember to keep a few extra filter replacements on hand.

Special Surprise

One of the most underrated first impressions is surprising your guests, whether it is with beer and a fruit basket or something else. While we were traveling in Bali for our first Airbnb experience the host prepared a fresh fruit basket and had a complimentary beer in the fridge. To this day I still remember that part of the vacation vividly.

Food Storage Containers

You are never sure what your guests have planned. If they choose to cook within your kitchen and have leftovers, you should give them the option to pack up leftovers for whatever the next day entails.

Most Commonly Asked Airbnb Kitchen Questions?

Do I Need A Dishwasher?

For Airbnb standards, no you don’t have to supply a dishwasher. What is the size of your Airbnb? If your place only fits one or two guests then you can get away with not providing a dishwasher.

Bigger families will have a larger number of items to wash and could use a dishwasher. Without a dishwasher then make sure you supply a sink, drying rack, dishcloths, dish soap, and scrubs.

Should You Supply An Oven?

Some hosts would rather provide a hotplate then an oven for fire safety. Other hosts just remind their guests to unplug everything after use.

Final Thoughts

Kitchens is one of the more crucial part of your listing. It can make and break a review. If you have any special instructions for an appliance, be sure to let your guests know with either a note or on check-in.

Thank you for stopping by Airbnb Kitchen Essentials. If you are wondering how we set up our other Airbnb rooms, check out our living room essentials, bedroom essentials, and bathroom essentials.

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